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KDR Media Group stands behind our motto:  No B.S. Just Results. When businesses talk SEO they use language and words to confuse you.  You don’t need to know backlinks, meta tags, article spinning, white hat, black hat, tag managers and more.  SEO is simple. Content is King. Give your viewers fresh original content that separates you from the competition and you too can be found on all three search engines.  When you choose to work with KDR Media Group for your SEO you are choosing a team of dedicated experts that: 

  • Stay up to date on the latest techniques 
  • Follow and exchange with others ideas and innovations 
  • Fight for your position on all three search engines
  • Get you ranked for multiple keywords in specific area you want to target 
  • Increase your analytic data with the best and newest techniques 
  • Get You Results! 

Let us worry about the positioning-you worry about the leads coming in.  When SEO is done effectively and correctly you will hear the phone ring more.  We pride ourselves on our transparency of what we do and keeping you in the know so you can see what we are going after.

Get your business the positioning it deserves with the team that can do it right.  Start your partnership with KDR Media Group today and call 630-894-0953




Target Markets

Go after the local communities you want business from.  Get keyword specific on the services you want to advertise for and where you want to specialize in those services. 

Rank Reports

Keep up to date with where your business is located on Google with our simple search engine ranking reports. This will show you how well we are doing and give you a better idea of where you want to market. 

Analytic Walkthroughs

There is a difference between a report and a walkthrough.  KDR only focuses on the latter. We will teach you what your analytics mean and how to interpret the data for your business. 


We believe in full transparency. We give you the logins you need so you can keep us honest and hold our feet to the fire. We are the agency that proves what we did-not a bunch of bull covering up what we didn’t.

Tracking & Analysis

Let us work with you to teach you HOW to read your analytics and data so you can ensure that we are working for you. By understanding your metrics you can make the best choices for your business.  

Just Results Take A Break From Wrong -
Experience The Beauty Of Right



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is really just a fancy term for how your business ranks organically when someone searches a keyword in Google. We know that we are the best company in the area when it comes to providing value for clients by increasing their SEO.  We have proven success models at coming in and fixing for other business’ what is broken, whether it is a roofer in Arlington Heights that went from 20 first page results to over 600 or an HVAC business in Bloomingdale that was found in one town now increasing work in 6 more towns. 

We are the counter-balance.  We are also tired of other businesses coming in and promising SEO and then doing nothing. NOTHING.  That is why we are willing to give your company a free SEO check.  We will make sure that your website has the necessary ingredients in order to get ranked when someone searches Google and actually search for your service and town you want to go after to give you an idea where you actually rank.  If you want to get a free SEO check on your site, fill out the form above, but “SEO Check” in the subject field and a link to your website’s URL in the message field and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP.  

If you are already thinking that maybe something is wrong, we can help and we might be able to do that without starting over! We have taken over several websites and performed SEO services on them without rebuilding them from scratch! Just call us today and let us take a look: 630-894-0934

Thinking out of the box

You need a business that will come up with ideas for your business constantly.  That will fight against others to get you the leads.  Still Not Convinced?  Check Out Our Success Stories Below….then call us an we can get you on the right track today!

Case Studies Look Through Our SEO Case Studies To See How You Can Increase Your Business

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