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Online Presence

Why Choose Us

KDR Media Group stands behind one motto:  No B.S. Just Results.  Our team of online marketing experts will continually fight with search engines to make sure your business is being found when someone is searching for your business.  We are the experts you can rely on and trust to make sure we stick up and fight for what is right for your business.  

  • Managed Services
  • 13 Years Experience in Web Design 
  • Thousands of First Page Search Results
  • SEM Campaigns Across Multiple Areas and States 
  • Local Marketing Experts You Need

KDR Media Group is not a “Yes Man” company. We will give you are honest opinions because at the end of the day it is about leads for your business – nothing more! That is why more and more local companies are turning to us.  We’ll take care of our end, you run your business. 

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Responsive Design

Attract your customer’s attention with a brand new, graphically enhanced,  website fully responsive for any screen. Already have a site? No problem! Let us take it over and manage it for you! 


Choose the market area you want to target for your business. Our team of SEO specialists will be sure to get you found for multiple keyword searches on all search engines.


Target your customers with direct search ads on Google and more! KDR Media Group will use its partnership to manage your campaign to give you the highest ROI! No Mark Ups! No RESELLING!

Social Media

Reach your potential through a targeted approach on social media sites! Let us manage your business online and we can make sure people can find and follow you!

Tracking & Analysis

Let us work with you to teach you HOW to read your analytics and data so you can ensure that we are working for you. By understanding your metrics you can make the best choices for your business.  

No B.S. - Just Results Take A Break From Wrong - Experience The Beauty Of Right

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Web Hosting

Fast, Cloud-Based, Elastic Server For Your Security

Customized E-mail

Email Addresses Ending In Your Domain Name Backed By Amazon! 


Leave It To Us! You Do What’s Best – Run Your Business!

Increase Your Exposure

Increase Your Exposure

KDR Media Group’s Own Invented Ways To Promote Your Business

Disaster Recovery

Avoid catastrophic hacks and losing everything with constant language updates, backups, and security upgrades installed. 

Our Process How We Do It Right - The First Time. Every Time.




Thinking out of the box

You need a business that will come up with ideas for your business constantly.  That will fight against others to get you the leads.  Still Not Convinced?  Check Out Our Success Stories Below….then call us an we can get you on the right track today!