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Website Design

Napoli Pizza has been a print advertiser for years in the Schaumburg book of the Buyer’s Choice. When we first rolled out our web development program at KDR, we tried to isolate the clients that needed the most help with their online presence and their websites that were already created. Napoli fell under that category, because their site had been built by another company that is notorious for not giving their clients their best chance when it comes to promotion of their business online.

Their old site was a basic 5 page site that didn’t even show case their pizza or any of their food items. Furthermore, there were no keywords on the site. This is something that a lot of businesses forget about. It is important to remember to always include keywords on your site, these are the terms that people will search Google in order to find you. Keywords matter, because they basically tell Google’s search algorithm what your site is about.

However, there were deeper issues as well. Their original website provider, unfortunately, would never update the site when they asked them too. They had just an image of their menu that was 2 years out of date. One of the pages had nothing but a line mentioning future content coming. This was no way for a digital marketing company to behave when it comes to their clients. Furthermore, it is a detriment to a restaurant to at least not have a current menu on their site or any offers to try and entice potential customers coming into the store.

Therefore we needed to do a complete overhaul of his site, and also give him the ability to change his prices if he ever needed to. That is why we redesigned his site with the WordPress Content Management System. We also integrated excel tables with this pizza descriptions, and his prices for them so he can go into the system change the price and just save it to the main pizza page. We also gave him a full menu section and added a catering page for that side of the business. Finally, he can use the site as a way to promote his special offers.

KDR Marketing strives to give clients what they want. Napoli Pizza wanted a site that could showcase his store and his food. They wanted a site they could easily navigate through, and have the ability to change in the future if they ever wanted to. We think we hit those goals and always look forward to meeting with them because it means we can also purchase a slice of their delicious pizza.

If you are ever thinking about catering an event for your business and think your employees would like authentic Italian pizza or dishes then consider calling on Napoli Pizza for your next corporate event.