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How KDR Marketing Works With Them
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Illinois Automotive and Fleet Service was a brand new business started toward the end of 2015. They were looking around for a digital marketing presence online in order to build their business. Located in Addison, Illinois, they turned to AAC Auto for advice on whom to go for that can build them a site and help them get located online. AAC Auto pointed them in KDR Marketing’s direction.

They wanted a different look from other auto repair services in the area. They also wanted to highlight their services, but also wanted to showcase whom they serve. Whereas most auto repair services concentrate and focus on individual car owners, Illinois Fleet wanted to be able to spotlight their commercial and government fleet repair services.

We took a look at other auto repair services in the area and decided to build Illinois Fleet a parallax site. When web designing, you might hear a term known as, “The fold”. This refers to what the viewer will see on their screen before they have to start scrolling down. However, with a parallax site, you design it so viewers can keep scrolling, hitting all the information briefly on the first page. Once they see what they are looking for they can then move to more information about that particular service, or page.

This gives Illinois Fleet Service a very visual front page, using it to spotlight exactly what they wanted; testimonials, service boxes, and governments they work with. It also separates itself out from other auto repair services in the area because of it’s unique design. Finally, we built a menu that will follow you all the way down the screen so you don’t have to scroll back up to the top to click on another or different page for information. One of the last things you will notice is that this site, doesn’t utilize a sidebar. We also targeted out his SEO with his offers for business, directly on the front page and when you put your mouse over the image it will tell exactly what his special deal is for.

If you have a commercial business or work for a local government and need your service vehicles repaired especially wil oil changes, wheel alignments, and engine services, then Illinois Fleet is your answer.