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If you are in the transportation business, and need to learn more about DOT Regulations, pre-employment screenings, or to fulfill your random drug and alcohol testing quota from the state, Translab is your answer. They are a national random Drug and Alcohol Consortium that will make sure that your business is well taken care of and will work with your business on all the DOT Regulations of your state.

Translab came to us with a need for aggressive expansion. They already had a website from a different company that had a beautiful back end system built in to it for companies to get their driver’s tests results, their other employee tests results, and register their business with Translab for their services. However, the homepage and additional pages on the site was built up solely with graphics. Why is this bad? Google and other search engines cannot read and index images. Combine this with the complete lack of keywords, site descriptions, headings, etc and you have a recipe for DISASTROUS online positioning.

In order to make Translab national we had to build them a brand new site, whose job was to drive traffic to the old site’s login and dashboard. They had such a beautiful back end system to their old site, it was just a matter of people being driven to it. That is why we work closely with Translab every month because we are trying to get ranked nationally instead of just locally. Translab is now also considering SEM management and Direct Mail for their business in the future in order to truly grow within the nation.

Website – http://translabtesting.com/

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