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St. Aubin Nursery came to us with a mission, to be the number one provider of local plants in North Central Illinois. They wanted a system where they can show off what they specialize in; plants and foliage. Since they only specialize in the wholesale of plants, it wasn’t prudent to build them several different service pages, they had one main service and they do it better than anyone else.

However, we needed a way to showcase their products. When you are the premier wholesaler of plant life in North Central Illinois it is important to show off your inventory. We also wanted to incorporate a system where people can get their inventory easy and be able to download it for their own individual needs. Therefore, St. Aubin would benefit better from a Drupal design then a WordPress design.

With Drupal you have the ability to customize, which can make the site look exactly how you want it. This comes at less cost and is more affordable for businesses that don’t have the resources to invest in a custom theme for WordPress. Drupal also offers better security and a faster load time than WordPress, so if you are a business that has a list of products you want to give your consumers and potential buyers, but also don’t want to get hacked easier by allowing downloadable pdf’s on your site, then Drupal is the platform for you.

We set out to define their different foliage options into three main categories and then have a way for several different images to showcase those options that people can choose from. We also integrated their inventory into two different ways that they St. Aubin can easily upload a new pdf so people can have their most current inventory. When it comes to attaching files to a website this could be a way for potential hackers to attack your site, that is why your business needs to invest in a more secure content management system like Drupal. Now St. Aubin can simply send us the pdf whenever they have an updated version and we can that into the site without doing massive revisions. Working this way gives their consumers the best way to get the information they need instead of continually scrolling through a long page with just options listed on there.

With fast load times and the ability to get information across to customers St. Aubin’s nursery is a good example of how you can showcase your business and inform your customers in a safe and secure way with Drupal. If you are ever in need of plants, trees, or natives for your home or business in the North Central area of Illinois, then St. Aubin’s nursery is your number one source!