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How KDR Marketing Works With Them
Website Design

Mister Natural has been a print client in the Buyer’s Choice for over 7 years. When Google changed their search algorithm to focus more on responsive mobile friendly websites, Mister Natural called us to see if we could help.

When we originally met with them, they put an emphasis that they didn’t mind the old site, they just wanted an updated and responsive design. However, after sitting with them, we decided to go a little further. We wanted to highlight all of their services. Creating a separate page for each of your individual services is going to help with your SEO. With Mister Natural we were able to create separate pages for their site and then gain positioning on the site for each of their services when someone searches Google.

After creating separate industry pages, we needed a way to highlight all those services on the front page, especially on a mobile platform. Therefore, we assigned images to represent each of their services and laid it out not only the front page of the sight when someone is viewing it on their desktop, but also creating a parallax system when someone is on their cell phone or tablet viewing. They will just click the service they want and be taken directly to that page.

By creating multiple pages for each of their services, we can keyword each page differently. Your individual pages should have different keywords on them so that you can target customers across multiple different searches for what they need.

If you are in need of a carpet cleaning services for your home or business then consider using Mr. Natural for your next job!