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In the heart of Elgin, lies a great dental practice run by Dr. Michael Bender. We were first contacted by Dr. Bender after another client of ours, Grindstone Productions recomended us. During our initial meeting with Dr. Bender we discussed what he was currently doing in regards to advertising, and what results he was getting from those efforts. He made it clear to us that he was not happy with amount of new clients his practice was receiving monthly. We then outlined some of the services we offer, as well as provided some out of the box ideas that could help his practice reach his goals.

Dr. Bender and our team determined that utilizing a multi-media approach would be best. We would continue and expand upon his website, SEO, and SEM all while creating new direct mail campaigns and in house marketing.

This strategy helped Dr. Bender to streamline his marketing efforts. At the time of our initial meeting we discovered that he had one company for his website, one company for his social media, and one company doing direct mail. All 3 companies would try to take credit for the amount of new patients his practice was garnering. By having KDR handle all of these efforts he no has just one company to hold accountable.

Goals we are working with Dr Bender to achieve are as follows:
Expand online presence to come up in search in Elgin & surrounding suburbs
Use internal marketing to encourage positive reviews, referrals, and new patients
Gain 60+ new patients a month
Open 2nd location

Dr. Bender’s Website – http://benderdentalcare.com/

Social Media Marketing –