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Arlington Heights Memorial Library

A Top 10 Library In the Nation



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Website Design

Safe, Secure, Software Integration, Content, Catalog Systems, On going custom changes, Arlington Heights Memorial Library is a site that really embodies the idea of including “everything but the kitchen sink”! With all of it’s capabilities and integration required there was no other choice but to develop this website in Drupal. Drupal has unparalleled software integration capabilities. We can custom make modules for Drupal which will give your business the capability of continually adding to the site over time. This is different than WordPress where you are stuck with plugins and not sure how those plugins will work with a theme.

Arlington Heights Memorial Library is voted one of the top 10 best libraries in the nation. Also with adding accounts where patrons can manage money they owe and secure list of items they have previously borrowed and checked out for privacy purposes, Drupal was the only way to design this site. Drupal can also give you the ability to change the “look” and “theme” to your site dependent on what page you are looking at.

If you have a business that services residential and commercial customers you might have encountered a problem where some potential customers might not want to work with a business that specializes in both, they want one business that works in commercial, one that works in residential services. Drupal can allow you to create two different looking websites under one domain so you can target each side of your business and then keyword both for the different services you need! AHML has a great example of this, if you navigate to http://www.ahml.info/kids you will see that this particular part of their site, looks different from the main site. Now the potential for your business is endless, you can really focus your marketing on the different areas you want to service, commercial and residential while using one domain name making your site bigger with more pages, and giving you better SEO!

This is one of the reasons why KDR Marketing has taken the bold step forward in working with Drupal for web designs where no one else has. It can serve your business better and allow you multiple different capabilities and the customization that your business deserves. If you ever are looking for a new book, movie, group, or business service that you want in Arlington Heights, then visit the Arlington Heights Memorial Library in order to take advantage of all the wonderful programs they have for you, your business, or your family.