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How KDR Marketing Works With Them
Website Design, SEO Campaign

Animal Wildlife Trackers came to KDR Marketing when they were looking for a new website design to promote their business and services. Their old site was a static site that just laid out what they did but did not go into detail for the services they wanted to promote.(Click Here To See Their Old Site)

We were able to sit down and work with Brandon and Tony giving them a vehicle online, which not only highlights their services, but also tries to inform the consumers about animals that might have invaded their home. We were able to build specific pages of information for each animal they deal with. On each page we were able to create audio tracks of what each animal sounds like. Now visitors to their site can identify what animal they might have in their home before they even call saving their clients both time and money.

It was clear after speaking with Brandon and Tony they had a love for what they do. Brandon can entertain you for hours when it comes to animal stories and past jobs. Tony loves to shoot videos of the animals he is rescuing. This led to us putting together an SEO campaign that was more geared toward them as the front representation to their business. After building them a youtube channel and integrating their facebook feed into their website, (on the sidebar you can see that the site will scan their facebook page for any new items and then automatically add those posts to that feed) their vehicle was definitely videos. We dedicated an entire page to their videos and they have fun making them. Their video of them helping a duck escape the grill of a car has gone viral and was featured on News outlets across the country! (Check Out Their Video Here)

There website can now be found through multiple searches of animal wildlife removal, on the first page of Google across the Northwest Suburbs. If you ever need an animal wildlife removal service for your home or business, call on Brandon and Tony. They are the best!