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Alexander Coin & Pawn

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How KDR Marketing Works With Them
Website Design

Alexander Coin Pawn is a Des Plaines institution. It has been standing for generations of owners in the area. One of the biggest ways to recognize is the “old school” sign that still hangs advertising it’s business as the best pawn shop in the area. Alexander’s team came to us and said, “We can’t be found anywhere online”. We replied, “We can help”.

Alexander’s site is a good example of what can happen during the design phase of the site. We sat down with him in his shop and it became very clear that they not only wanted to be found when someone searched for their business, but also, needed a way to upload products in order to entice people into the door. He needed a way to showcase new items that he sells in order to bring customers in, and keep them coming back for new things that always are brought in to the shop.

This is also an example of another company promising web site service but lacking in delivery. Alexander’s old site did not have keywords on it, and was not conducive to change. In fact it’s a very templated model of a site. So we needed to take care of that. This was one of our first clients to come over to the digital side of KDR Marketing from print.

We set to work designing him a site that split off his items into several different categories. This means that he can upload an image and product description, click on the specific type of item it is, and the product will ultimately end up on that page. This is a great way for him to feature the amazing and unique items that come through his doors.

Giving him a site that was manageable and easy to use was the number one priority. KDR Marketing is willing to sit down with all of their clients to figure out the best possible plan for them and what their business needs to be represented online. If you are looking for the best place to find hard to find items, looking to sell your gold or silver, or have something you think others might be interested in, then Alexander Coin and Pawn in Des Plaines is the place for you!