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How KDR Marketing Works With Them
Website Design, SEO Campaign

Airmaker Inc. is one of KDR Marketing’s most recent clients. One of our sales consultants met Larry at a trade show and then invited him to come in to the office and hear about some of our services. Larry is very knowledgeable when it comes to sales, so this was one presentation we made sure to be very well prepared for! It was clear from the start that Larry was in need a new website. As a source for people to see his business, his website was fine, but the industry of web design is changing. One of the first things we covered with him was, that using flash on your site is no longer an option in the future. Click Here Now To See Air Maker’s Old Site This is important: web browsers in the future will stop supporting flash. Therefore, if you have flash elements on your site, please call KDR Marketing today and we can help you with creative solutions for the future of your site.

One of the first things we did was compare other sites in the industry. When looking for a fresh design for your site, use examples from other companies and figure out ways you can improve upon them. With Air Marker Inc, we were able to use our in house graphics department to create stunning and eye popping banner ads. Capturing the eye of residential homeowners, and commercial business owners in the area, trying to find a local HVAC service.

There are some other elements that we were able to integrate into the design of his site. We have a contact form front and center so that anyone who comes to the site looking for the air conditioning and heating services they need can contact Air Marker’s team right away. We were also able to highlight the different brands that Larry specializes in by having them pop in from the side when you are reading through the site. Finally we were able to use a dual menu system so that he can put the major focus on this services in the main menu while using negative space for his additional offerings, and guarantees.

One of the most important elements of the design that Larry appreciated was the fact that we gave him options and involved him in the creative process. He really appreciated giving us input on the final product and look of his site, and we had a great time learning from him as well. If your business or home ever needs air conditioning or heating services in the Chicagoland area, Air Maker Inc, is your number one choice because of their great service and great options.